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Boost Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

You know spring has sprung when you see the first splash of purple crocuses budding along your driveway. If you’re thinking to yourself that you have never seen a crocus along your driveway, or aren’t even sure what a crocus is – it may be time to do a little spring cleaning in celebration of the new season. You don’t need to break the bank to boost your home’s curb appeal and liven up your yard. To get you started, here are our favorite quick fixes that won’t break your budget:

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The easiest and most dramatic way to give your home a makeover is painting the exterior. To save money, consider only refreshing the façade, or using a combination of siding, stone, and paint for the perfect combination of texture and colors. M Carlson Painting offers free estimates on painting and boasts some of the most competitive prices around. (We can even glaze or stain your deck or fence for the royal treatment.)

2. Do Some Yard Work

We know the winter can be hard on your home, and your yard might need a little love. Spend an afternoon weeding your garden, planting spring bulbs (like those crocuses we mentioned), scrubbing your decks and sidewalks, and pressure washing your house. Pressure washers are inexpensive to rent, or you can hire professionals like our team at M Carlson Painting to do it for you.

3. Try Container Gardening

If you don’t have a green thumb, try purchasing large, colorful potted plants from your local Home Depot. The store offers a one-year warranty on all their plants, so even if your first (few) attempts don’t make it, you can get a replacement free of charge. Large potted plants add a pop of color and personality to your doorstep or can accentuate a rock garden with little effort, making them the perfect choice for on-the-go gardeners and beginners.

4. Add Fresh Details

You’ve heard the saying: it’s all about the details. Scour the internet, your local flea market, or home goods stores for unique accessories such as a new doormat, mailbox or ground and sidelights to change the look and feel of your entrance. Even small changes like switching out dull, generic house numbers for unique brass, ceramic or stainless steel variations can freshen up your home.

5. Install a New Path or Patio

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try a DIY project. Resurface your pathways, build a fire pit or patio to take advantage of the warmer weather. Your local contractor can help estimate the work needed, where to get the materials, and what you and your family can and cannot do on your own. Some projects are easier to accomplish than you think, so don’t be afraid to give us a call. If we can’t help you, we can probably recommend someone who can.

Pick the Best Palette for Your Residential Painting Projects

Home decorating gives us all a chance to indulge our inner artist. Of course, any artist knows masterpieces start with good canvas. The palette we choose is the most important step of renovation: It can be the deciding factor on what does or does not make it into our grand design. Feeling intimidated yet? Just about everyone does! Luckily, we have loads of advice from residential painting experts to guide us.

Start small.

Picking out a new pallet can be quite daunting. This is why experts recommend you start small. Is there a certain mood or favorite color you want to feature? Is there one certain accent object you just have to show off? All of these will set you on the path to pallet perfection.

Tips and Ideas:

  • Don’t go overboard: 3 main colors is just about right for any room.
  • Experts recommend using a 60-30-10 rule meaning 60% main color, 30% accent colors, and 10% other colors.
  • Don’t worry if you get stuck: We have interior painting companies for a reason! Professional painters can often help you make sense of things like color theory, so you can choose the best combinations.


Kick back with cool colors.

Cool tones like light blue and yellow can give a room a soft, relaxing mood. It’s perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, or any room that you want to give an open, airy sort of feel.

Tips and Ideas:

  • Other cool hues include soft pinks, greens, and purples.
  • Because they’re associated with calmness, these palettes are perfect for nurseries (the amount of sleep you’ll get when baby arrives may vary…)
  • Go classic with warm colors.
  • If a rustic Western European feel is what you desire, warm colors like red and gold hues are the way to go. Many residential painting experts love to pair this palette with other “spice” hues like dark brown and green to give a room warm vibes.
  • Red makes a great accent wall color but be careful, too much dark red can make a room look smaller.
  • Renaissance and Victorian style furniture couple well with this palette for a classy countryside look.


Want something more modern? Try high contrast.

Who said a simple palette has to be boring? Clean white paint can make black accents draw attention right where you want it. Want a little more color? Try sleek muted greys or stainless steel as compliments.

Tips and Ideas:

  • This theme is especially suited to kitchen and bath projects, particularly if you have stainless steel appliances and fixtures.
  • Try playing with textures in the same color: Painted white brick or white tile compliment smooth surfaces like cabinets.


7 New Year Resolutions for Your Home

It’s a new year and with that often comes new resolutions. This year, focus at least some of your resolutions on your home. Make it beautiful, inviting, and welcoming to your guests. Handle those repairs, transform a room, or just make some key decisions about your future. Keep these 7 resolutions in place for your home.

#1 – De-clutter

Work through your home to get rid of unwanted, unneeded items that are simply taking up too much space. You’ll love the open feel and organized look of a home without too much stuff. Refrain from purchasing more, too!

#2 – Paint It

Painting your home is one of the best ways to add vibrancy, beauty, and value to a home. It can also change the way you feel about any room. Choose colors that fit your moods, interests, and stylistic needs. Painting with a professional ensures the perfect look every time.

#3 – Get Inspections

This year, do what you should do and have the electrical, plumbing, and gas lines inspected. Make sure there are no leaks in the basement or problems with pests. You’ll safeguard your family and protect your home’s value by having these licensed professionals out to your home.

#4 – Get Children’s Toys Under Control

If you dread the feeling of having to pick up kid’s toys day in and day out, it may be time to find a new solution. That solution may be a new storage bin, shelving, or just cleaning out the old, broken items. Invest a bit of time in organizing toys and your kids will be happy and your feet will be too!

#5 – Finish that Project

You know, it is the one you started last year but haven’t had time to really finish yet. You may need to just add some trim work or finish the addition of lighting. Whatever it is, from the kitchen to the bedroom, get that project completed.

#6 – Get Energy Efficient

It sounds like a good idea but you may not know where to start. Start small, with replacing light bulbs with more efficient models. Consider replacing appliances (as you need to) with more efficient models. Add energy efficient insulation. Take it one step at a time.

#7 – Create the Ideal Space for You

Create that man cave or relaxation room you’ve always wanted. De-stress your day by painting the room with soothing colors. Paint a space in a larger room that helps it to stand out as its own location. The goal, create a space you can relax in.

This year, make sure you’ve invested enough in adding value and comfort to your home. Make a few New Year’s resolutions that will help you to protect your home this year.

Creating Mood with Color and Paint

Color is one of the easiest ways to decorate a home and add a bit of personality into the design of any room. Also, recent studies show that color can cause physiological changes in the body and affect mood, such as raising or lowering blood pressure, causing one to become more calm or excited and can even be used to show a display of power.

Using color to portray or enhance mood has been around for a long time. Color has been used throughout history to achieve a certain mood or evoke a certain feeling. Paracelsus, a German-Swiss physician from the Middle Ages believed that color could be used to assist in healing the body. He used color, music and herbs in which he called his practice, Color Therapy.

Before deciding on the paint in any room, choose what type of feel you want the room to have. For example, you may want the interior design of a game room to provoke excitement and fun. So, choosing a bold color like red would work to help to add exhilaration to that room. Soft blue or pink would be good choices for a nursery because of the calming effect of the colors. If you are not sure of where to begin in choosing the best paint color, a painting contractor would be essential to this process. The following are just some examples of color ideas for various rooms in a home.

Color Ideas for Rooms

Living room

 The living room is one the most functional rooms in a home and a place where most of the family will gather. So, nice family friendly colors should be used. You may want to go with neutral colors like browns, or even light pastels. Whatever color paint you decide to use should be something that the whole family will enjoy and not be overpowering. You want this room to be warm and inviting.


The kitchen is another place where the family will gather and use often. It should be warm and also show a very crisp, clean look. A nice warm, soft yellow or cream may accent this room nicely.


The bathroom is not only for bathing and dressing, but it is also used by many for relaxation and unwinding from the day’s stress. Nothing is better than taking a hot bubble bath after a long, hard day at work.

So, color has been shown throughout history, as well as scientifically, to have a profound effect on a person’s mood. To make sure you are making the right color choices, select a painting contractor who will help you choose colors that will complement the interior design of your home best.


Spring Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung and now that Winter is finally over, it’s time to look at cleaning up around the house and sprucing it up for Summer. Granted, going around the yard and cleaning up after Old Man Winter and doing all of those Spring cleaning jobs inside the house makes you feel good but what could make you feel even better about your home? How about painting? Exterior painting and interior painting both help banish those Winter blues once and for all.

If you think that’ll be a great idea, your first step should be to connect with a painting contractor or designer to figure out what colors you’ll want. To make your home look its best, you’ll need to select not only the color for the interior and exterior wall areas but for the window trim and edging trim as well. If you’re planning to paint in the kitchen or the bathrooms, you may want to decide what colors you want for the cabinets also.

Although doing the exterior and interior painting yourself can save money, there can also be major drawbacks that you should consider. Exterior painting can dangerous because of having to climb up and down ladders to ensure the entire surface is covered. Also, doing the job yourself is very time consuming and costly if not done correctly the first time. Hiring a professional painting company will allow your entire home to be painted, inside and out, in a short amount of time. That leaves you the time you need to do other, more important things.

Another advantage of having a professional painting contractor or painting company provide their services is the fact that they’ll guarantee the work and will come back to make any changes or adjustments necessary. If you’re planning to take advantage of Spring to clean, consider taking total advantage of Spring by truly giving your home a brand-new look with a fresh coat of paint.

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