Educational questions to ask your painter before making a decision…

  1. Insurance: Does your painter carry liability and workman’s compensation? Why is this important? Did you know that if an individual is doing work on your home and does not carry the proper insurance you can be liable, financially, for any injury this individual may endure while working on your home. It is important to ask for documentation of insurance and you must have your name as the home owner on the certificates to protect yourself. M. Carlson Painting is happy to provide you with this documentation within in 48 hours of requesting it.
  2. LLC or Incorporated: Is your painter Incorporated or have an LLC? This is a new state law that anyone doing contracted work on your home must have an LLC or be Incorporated. If a person wants to function as a Sole Proprietor they must obtain an ICEC (Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate). Again, this is simple documentation that should be available to you per your request. M. Carlson Painting has been incorporated since 2001.
  3. Pricing: Does the estimate include EVERTHING? Some painters do not include product cost in their estimate, thus as the homeowner you get a final bill much higher than expected. M. Carlson Painting estimates have NO HIDDEN FEES, all our labor, product, clean-up (including removal of all trash and recyclables) and warranty are included in our pricing. No surprise here!
  4. Warranty: Do they warranty their work, if so, what is it? M. Carlson Painting warranties all labor for 3 years on exterior work. Product warranty is as labeled on the product. Interior we always do a final walk thru to make sure and 100% customer satisfaction one complimentary touch-up.
  5. References and Affiliations: Does your painter have references, are they references that pertain to similar type of work and do they have good standing with accredited sources? M. Carlson Painting has done a wide variety of work and you can find our references HERE. We are also in great standing with BBB, Central Certificate CERT Program, and Certified Lead Removal.
  6. Colors Consultations: Do you need help picking out colors and does your painter offer this service? M. Carlson Painting is happy to do a free 1 half hour sample consultation where we will place 3 samples of your choice, free of charge. M. Carlson Painting also works with excellent interior designers and color consults, we would be happy set up a professional consultation to make those difficult color choices easy.

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