Autumn Ambiance: A Guide to Achieving Your Fall Color Palette

Posted on: October 25th, 2018 by M Carlson Painting

Fall foliage is now peaking and “leafers” are out in full force to catch a glimpse of the beautiful array of colors the season has to offer.

It’s not hard to be inspired by autumn’s vast array of colors. You may be wondering, how can I incorporate the season into my home design?

Well, the designers and painting contractors at M Carlson Painting on Lake Minnetonka would like to share some of their top decorating ideas and color accents you can use to make your home feel like fall all year round!

Painting with fall inspiration

Autumn is typically the season where warm and rich colors shine. Seasonal inspiration can be found all around your local community.

Take a fall foliage drive and look for all the reds, yellows and oranges that adorn the trees right now. Pale yellow, scarlet, ruby red or persimmon are great colors to choose from to mimic the rich color in the fall leaves. These tones make a statement and will help brightening up your room.

Other fall color options can be found at your local pumpkin patch, apple orchard or farmers’ market. Burnt orange, rich red, amethyst or mustard are great options that mimic your favorite seasonal produce and spice up any room.

If your searching for a more neutral fall color, an olive green, terracotta, chocolate, dove gray or peacock tone are all great options to choose from that add richness to a room without overpowering it.

Autumn offers a wide array of colors and incorporating any of them will brighten up your home and will create a seasonal aesthetic that you can enjoy all year round.

Be sure to take pictures of some of some of the fall colors that have inspired you and bring it to your next painting consultation at M Carlson Painting.

Autumn décor

Choosing the right décor to accent your new autumn themed paint job is vital for creating the perfect seasonal ambiance.

Decorate your home with items that inspire you this season. Show off your freshly cut sunflowers in a copper vase or wooden signs to add a more rustic feel to your room. Bring nature into the home by adding leaves and acorns to a flower arrangement or mantle display.

Add signature pieces to your home that incorporate the fall aesthetic. Adding bedding or reupholster a piece in pumpkin, russet or gold tones is guaranteed to spice up any room.

Add signature décor pieces that bring the feel of autumn into your home such as copper vases, lanterns, plaid blankets or wood picture frames.

If you have a fireplace, be sure to highlight the wooden logs and light a fire whenever possible.

During your next trip to the farmers’ market, orchard or grocery store, utilize some of the seasonal food items you purchase into your design. Show off your freshly picked apples in a decorative dish or place pumpkins and gourds in flowerpots around your home.

If your searching for a more modern feel, add a simple wreath to your newly painted front door or decorate a room with white pumpkins that will pop against fall tones. For a minimalist approach, use warm tones in your furniture rather than adding extra decorations to celebrate the season.


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