5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Remodel

Posted on: August 12th, 2018 by M Carlson Painting


You’ve gotten a thorough color consultation, you are thrilled about your color choices and the work to be done on your home has been scheduled. You have your family’s schedule planned out to work around the work being done, but what about your pets?


Whether you have a Giant Schnauzer, a sassy Chihuahua or a Bearded Dragon, there are tips you want to keep in mind when you are having work done on or in your home.


  1. Provide a safe space for your pet ahead of time. You know your pet better than anyone and you know where their favorite spaces are. During a remodel those spaces may not be accessible. Prior to the work being done on your home create and introduce your pet to a new safe space that is away from the work being done. Make sure their space is away from where workers will be going in and out. This will keep your pet safer as well as the people working on your home.


  1. Be aware of dangerous materials. Our team at M. Carlson Painting prides themselves on keeping a clean work area, but nails, tacks, and other sharp items can find their way onto your pet’s path. Let’s work together to keep an eye out for these things so your pets don’t damage their tender paws.


  1. Ensure your pets have ID tags. Ensuring your pets are microchipped or have current ID tags is important any time, but especially when work is being done on your home and people are coming and going. We work with you to ensure your pets stay safely in their safe space, but if spooked pets can make a mad dash for the door.


  1. Consider boarding your pets. Pets have a smaller lung capacity than humans and are more sensitive to odors and fumes. If they can’t be kept outside or you are having work done that will involve loud noises, consider sending your pet to the doggie spa during the day or even overnight during the bulk of the work being done.


  1. Consider music or having the TV on for your pet. If your pet is spooked by unfamiliar noises, an option is to play music or have a TV on in the area your pet will be in. The noise can mask some of the noise from work being done. Many pets find music relaxing in the way humans do.

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