7 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your Home

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Repainting your home’s exterior is an important part of preserving its value and protecting its materials. Paint not only gives your home’s visual appeal; it also helps to protect its structural integrity by providing a coating that resists wear from the elements.  If you are unsure when to re-paint your home exterior, look for these seven signs that indicate a new coat of paint should be in its future.

1. Peeling Paint

If you find areas of peeling paint on the exterior surfaces of your home, it’s time to call a painting contractor to discuss re-painting. These flaked and chipped areas never get better, and will continue to get worse as they are exposed to moisture and the sun’s heat. You may find bits of paint lying on the ground that indicate flaking coming from the upper levels of the home that are not yet detectable from a distance.

2. Spidery Cracks on Surface

If you detect spidery cracks on the painted exterior surface, it means that the painted coating is beginning to fail and will soon lead to chipping and flaking of paint.

3. Fading Color

Exterior surfaces on the southern side of the home or other areas may be exposed to fierce ultraviolet rays throughout the year that can fade the color. Repainting will even out the color, and will give the home a well-cared-for look.

4. Exterior Looks Dirty and Washing Doesn’t Help

Pressure washing your home’s exterior can be a good way to remove dirt and mold left over from the winter months and rainy spring periods. However, washing will not remove years of dirt and pollution that may occur in your area. If a washing does not appreciably improve the look of the home, it may be time for a new coat of paint.

5. Water Stains

In some areas of the country, water stains can be a particular problem. Heavy rains during the spring and summer months can leave exterior surfaces looking uneven and unattractive. A new coat of paint will cover these stains and give the home a fresh look.

6. Signs of Wood Rot

If you notice lost paint and rotting wood around window or door frames, it’s time to think about re-painting. Paint helps to protect wood from the elements, and without this protective coating, construction materials begin to deteriorate rapidly.

7. Color Choice Looks Dated

Many times, the house was painted in a color that was popular at the time, but now makes the home look old-fashioned. A fresh coat of paint in one of the new colors that are currently available can give the home an updated look that can be particularly important if you intend to sell the home in the near future. Look through home design magazines on online to get ideas on the freshest colors for today’s homes.

If you see these seven signs, call M. Carlson Painting for a free quote to give your home exterior a fresh and beautiful appearance.

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